The results of the project are:

Benchmarking methodology and tools

The benchmarking methodology of the tool consists of:

  • A quality assurance framework for work-based learning, with quality assurance criteria for educational institutions and for companies.
  • Two self-assessment questionnaires with closed questions, one targeting educational institutions and one targeting companies providing work-based learning.
  • An on-line database of the filled in questionnaires of the users of the on-line tool (educational institutions and companies) in the self- assessment questionnaires.
  • An algorithm for the benchmarking; comparison of the replies in the self-assessment questionnaires and identification of strong and weak points for each user-organisation. The algorithm is based on the statistical processing of users' replies, calculation of averages and ratings.
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Online benchmarking tools

The online benchmarking tools are web-applications based on two separate closed self-assessment questionnaires, one for educational institutions and one for companies, with the same design and features, but with different self-assessment questionnaires.

Each online benchmarking tool consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • User profile
  • Self-assessment benchmarking questionnaire, with multiple choice questions.
  • My questionnaires, an area, where the user can access questionnaires he/she has filled in, in the past.
  • My statistics – the results of the benchmarking analysis, an individual quality report, demonstrating comparison of the quality practices of the user with other users of the benchmarking tool.
  • Statistics – overall statistics, with the possibility to pose queries and filter the results (e.g. based on country and sector of activity). Stakeholders and policy makers can use this part of the tools, in order to extract some conclusions or decide if there is a need to apply specific policy measures based on e.g. national or sectorial results.
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Online platform

The objective of the online platform is to provide parties Europe-wide a web place of reference for quality assurance in work-based learning. The online platform will be hosted in the web address

The online platform is structured in the following sections:

  • for educational institutions (online benchmarking tool for educational institutions)
  • for companies (online benchmarking tool for companies)
  • Bequal tool (already exists) addressing educational institutions of all levels, as far as their internal quality processes are concerned.
  • Resources for educational institutions and companies (including articles, videos, documents, links)
  • Good practices
  • News
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